Sunday, 12 October 2014

September in Korea Part 1

A typical Autumn day in the Korean countryside.

I've always loved Korean Septembers! It's still hot enough to go to the beach but it's off season so the beaches are much quieter and it's a bearable heat (most of the time). It's also the time that Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) occurs so we get 3 days off work!

This September we had a pretty good time. We didn't do any exciting trips for Chuseok this time (We've gone to Japan and China for past Chuseoks) In fact we were pretty boring and spent it cleaning out our apartment of some of the crap that we've accumulated. But we did manage to fit in a trip to the Jangyu waterfall for a barbecue.

Jangyu is the town next to Gimhae and it's actually where myself and Jason taught in our first years of Korea. It holds so many great memories for us as it is where we fell in love. On one of the many mountains in Jangyu there is a waterfall that is quite a popular place to have barbecues and swim. Koreans especially love it because the river is shaded by lots of trees so you don't have to worry about getting too much sun.

Ian and Erin having some fun time.

Myself, Jason and our friends Ian, Mark and Bianca decided that the main Thanksgiving day would be the best day to go as most people have to spend it with their families so it would be quiet. Mark and Biancas adorable baby Erin also came along...oh and of course Willy and Mark and Biancas 2 dogs! The night before we all made some delicious things to barbecue. Ian made chicken skewers and some humus, Mark and Bianca made some homemade bread rolls to go with the burgers that we made. We also had some yummy chicken wings.
When we arrived at the waterfall area we were a little surprised that there were people around but luckily it was much quieter than usual. We spent the day barbecuing, relaxing swimming. The perfect way to spend Chuseok.

Jason and Ian being very manly and barbecuing.

Is she not the cutest little thing!?!

Happy family :)

…and a very happy Willy!

I just want to eat those cheeks!

Also during September we went to Dadaepo beach in Busan. It isn't as well known as the two other beaches (Haeundae and Gwangali) But that's what makes this beach so great! It's very long and the water is quite shallow so it was perfect for Willy to run around off leash and frolic in the water. We met our friend Derek there and his beautiful retriever Plato and had a nice chill day catching up.

Willy ready to pounce!

My two favorite men!

The beautiful Dadaepo beach.

Sunset on our way home.

After a long exciting day, Willy was wrecked!

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