Friday, 31 October 2014

Day trip to Jeonju

Every year around this time the program that we teach for (GNET) take all of the teachers in the program for a day trip. I usually enjoy them as it gives me a chance to catch up with people and make some new friends. Last year we went to Haeinsa and it was such a beautiful area. This year we were told that we would be going to Jeonju.

Our bus left at 8 a.m. as it's a three hour drive from Gimhae to Jeonju. Our first stop was at an apple orchard to do some apple picking. It was in a gorgeous countryside area and the farmer had the sweetest little dog that we got to play with for a while.
I picked a few apples but we all managed to keep about 15 apples each (I'm sure there'll be a lot of apple crumbles being made this weekend in Gimhae!)

Myself and Jason on the bus bright and early.

The incredible views from the orchard.

The apple orchard.

One of the many apples that we picked

The adorable dog at the farm.

My lovely friend Ian took this photo.

After our apple picking it was time to drive in to Jeonju city and have some lunch. Jeonju is famous throughout Korea for having amazing food, especially bibimbap. After our bus getting stuck after going down a one way street we finally arrived at the restaurant. I'm not a huge fan of bibimbap (I have this weird thing where I hate mixing all of my foods together and that's exactly what bibimbap is) But we also got some paejeon which was the best I've ever had! Paejeon is a Korean style pancake made with lots of spring onions and usually squid too. It's really delicious!

Some of the GNETs enjoying our lunch.

After lunch we had 2 hours free time to explore the city. Jeonju has a big historical center right in the middle of the city where every building is traditional style. They had beautiful little stores and restaurants and a huge park with temples inside. After going to see the temples and the beautiful Autumn coloured trees surrounding them we decided to relax at a little coffee shop and people watch for a bit. Afterwards we got some delicious ice cream and wandered in and out of the shops.

The entrance to a small bamboo forest.

Autumn is well and truly here...and I love it!

The beautiful temple area of Jeonju...I just love those beautiful trees!

Then before we knew it it was time to head back to Gimhae. This was my first time visiting Jeonju and I'd 100% recommend visiting it to anyone that is visiting Korea. I'm sure that we were lucky that we went on a weekday because there were still tourists around...I can't imagine what it's like on weekends! But regardless, a part of me wishes that I lived there.

Myself and my good friend Ane standing in front of a 500 year old tree.

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