Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sihanoukville, Jasons birthday and Koh Rong (paradise)

After our time in Phnom Penh it was time to head down south. Jasons birthday was coming in a couple of days so as a present to him (and a little one to myself too) I booked us into a nice hotel in Sihanoukville for a couple of days.

The resort that we stayed in, Pagoda Rocks, was absolutely beautiful. It was on the top of a hill with a beautiful view out over the ocean. Our room was a really big bungalow with a lovely balcony to enjoy the views. But, probably the best part about the resort was the pool, it was a beautiful infinity pool.

Pagoda Rocks
When we arrived we definitely felt a little out of our comfort zone with people helping us with our bags and even offering us complimentary shakes!
We spent the next couple of days just lazing around and enjoying our little slice of luxury while it lasted. For Jasons birthday we even ordered a bottle of wine to the room...we felt like quite the flash packers. Although, we only noticed after we left that the never charged us for the wine (score!!)

Our balcony
Jason messing around in the pool.

After our couple of days in paradise it was time to stay in downtown Sihanoukville for a couple of days. I'm not going to write much about our time there as we both pretty much agree that it's been the worst place of our travels so far. It's just full of young drunk backpackers who have no regard for anything and older sleazy men with their poor young Cambodian "girlfriends". The latter really makes me sick.
I would definitely recommend to everyone not to stay here, unless like us you were planning on going to Koh Rong, or you like partying.
One night we went for a couple of drinks in one of the many bars on the beach (worst beach in Asia, so dirty!) and I went to use the bathroom, no word of a lie, I actually vomited from the smell in there! (I had only had one drink so it wasn't from the alcohol)

Once we left Sihanoukville it was time to get a ferry to Koh Rong. Koh Rong is a small island just off of the coast of Cambodia, we had heard some really great things about it but were a little worried after our time in Sihanoukville that it would be similar to it.

Luckily it couldn't have been more different from Sihanoukville! Koh Rong basically is paradise. The further down the beach you walk the quieter it is, the whiter the sand is and the clearer the water is. The sand was the type that squeaked when you walked on it. We were lucky to get a bungalow right on the beach. It was really nice and we had a patio which had a beautiful view of the water. We spent our time on Koh Rong just swimming, sunbathing, reading up about Nepal and of course eating. We really loved our time there. Our hut was right on the sand so we woke up to the sound of the waves in the morning and we had a shared bathroom which just made it more island, rustic style.

Once again we witnessed an incredible sunset in the evening. South East Asia really has spoiled us when it comes to sunsets! They just keep getting better and better!

Our time in Koh Rong was so relaxing and enjoyable, we really didn't want to leave, especially to go back to Sihanoukville! We only had to spend one more night in Sihanoukville to book a bus to our next destination...Kep!

Our beach front hut.

Jason taking in the sunset.

Jason on Koh Rong, absolutely amazing!

Accommodation: Pagoda Rocks $60 a night
Monkey Island: $25 beach front hut
It's been so long that I can't remember other details, sorry!

The sand was so fine that it squeaked when you walked on it.

Jason and I enjoying the sunset.

So beautiful!

Beautiful Koh Rong!

Me in paradise.

Leaving Koh Rong.

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