Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our wedding :)

Me and my wonderful husband!
Our wedding was for me such a beautiful relaxing day. It probably wasn't most peoples idea of a dream wedding but for us it was perfect.
We had initially planned our wedding in Ireland to be very small as we were planning to have a white dress wedding in the Philippines (The day after our Irish wedding we actually decided to cancel the Philippines one because the Irish one was so nice and we both already felt married)

We didn't really observe most traditions on our big day; I didn't wear white, we didn't exchange rings, we didn't stay away from each other the night before or the morning of and most importantly to us we didn't spend $10,000!

That morning I went to town with my sister Dee and we got our hair and make-up done together, It was a really nice way to spend the morning. I decided just to get curls in my hair and leave it down as I personally hate tight up-do's.

When we got home I changed in to my dress. I had actually bought the dress only 4 days beforehand in a vintage shop and the second that I wore it I loved it! It was so slimming but also gave me a booty too which was great! I have never been a vintage person so I was surprised that I found my dream dress in a vintage store rather than a high-street store.

Once we left our house the beautiful sunny morning changed in to a horrible rain shower (so typical that it happened just when we needed to be outside. I then walked up the small isle in the Cork registry office (equivalent of a courthouse wedding in America)

Trying to get away from the rain.

Myself and my mom ready to walk up the aisle.

We were laughing here because the door was so tiny that we both couldn't fit in.

Once I got to the top the registrar (the man who was to marry us) told me to hold Jasons hand, I was a bit confused and turned to see my wonderful husband in tears. He was so emotional throughout the ceremony and even had to take a deep breath in the middle of saying that he would take me as his wife (a little gasp was left out by a few of us, but he was just trying to steady himself)

The look that every bride dreams of...

Consoling my lovely husband.

Jason saying his vows.

 We had asked my two sisters to read a couple of poems and we also lit some candles. Before we knew it we were husband and wife!

My sister Dee saying her vows.

Lighting our unity candles.

After the ceremony my wonderful friend Niamh drove us to the beautiful 5 star hotel that my family had booked us into for a couple of nights while the rest of our family and friends went to the restaurant.

Once we arrived back to my house we realised that we were locked out.

The Fota hotel was so beautiful and when they found out that it was our wedding day they gave us some complimentary passes for the spa. After checking in we were leaving the hotel going to Niamhs car when it just lashed down rain on top of us...and none of us had an umbrella! My hair was a bit messy for the rest of the day but I really didn't care, I was having such a lovely day!

That evening we had dinner in Bunnyconnelans restuarant which is unbelievably beautiful sitting on a cliff and surrounded by the ocean. The staff there were so great and we spent our evening chatting and singing and just having fun.

My sister Teresa and her infectious smile.

Tucking into some canapes

My sister Joanne.

Dee and Neil.

Keeping it classy.

My sister Maire also keeping it classy.

I don't think I stopped smiling all day/night.

Jason enjoying himself.

It was such a memorable day for both of us. People were confused as to why we were so chill and having such a small wedding but after that day everyone came to us and told us how much they loved it.

The next day was spent literally just eating and relaxing...absolutely perfect!

Here are some more photos from our big day:

Signing the registry.

How handsome is he?!?!

My mom and Lou

Lou and Jason.

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