Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ireland 2014

The beautiful Rock of Cashel
This was always going to be a special trip home, not only were myself and Jason getting married but my best friend Lou was also going to be tying the knot and I was honoured to be asked to be her bridesmaid!

Our flight to Ireland would be going Busan-Seoul-Amsterdam-Cork. When we arrived to Seoul we found out that they had no seats next to each other, we enquired about paying extra for economy comfort where there were seats together but it was a little over our price range. The woman then asked Jason what his purpose for visiting Korea was when I decided to go for it and tell her that we were going to get married. She was so nice that she upgraded us to comfort for free! It was a great flight and we managed to sleep for the entire time. Then as we were boarding our Aer Lingus flight the air hostess commented on my ring so we informed her that we were getting married. Later on in the flight she gave us some bucks fizz (mimosa) and snacks for free. A wonderful way to begin our holiday in Ireland.

The perfect way to start our time in Ireland!

For our first week we didn't do much, just caught up with family and friends and finished planning our wedding. After our wedding our friend from Korea, Ian, came to Cork for a couple of days. We brought him to the beautiful Gouganbarra (one of the few places in Cork that Jason hadn't been yet).

The church in Gouganbarra, the smallest church in Ireland.
It was such a beautiful day!

Jason and my niece Megan on a little hike that we did.

Ireland really is so beautiful!

Myself and Ian.

 I then had a great time at my bestest friends hen party.

Myself and my friends Roisin and Kate at the hen party.
The bride herself!
We also got to meet Ians mom and we all visited the Rock Of Cashel together with my mom. After we left Ian, myself, my mom and Jason made a detour on our way home to visit my uncle and then we went to the beautiful Lismore castle.

A grave at the Rock of Cashel.

My uncles next door neighbours.

Lismore castle.
The next day myself and Jason had a delicious lunch at the farmers market near me and then we took a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary in Co Cork. It was so much fun walking around the fields and getting to interact with the donkeys. We had really wanted to visit here especially after seeing the wonderful Donkey Sanctuary in Leh.
While there we found out that one had been born on our wedding day! We decided to adopt this sweet guy!

The farmers market with some delicious food!

Myself and Jason at the Donkey sanctuary...1 week married!!

Our adopted donkey!
Another day myself, my mom and Jason drove down to Kinsale and spent the day exploring Charles Fort in beautiful weather. We then had the most delicious fish dinner I've had in all of my life at Fishy Fishy restaurant as a wedding present thanks to my friend Kate. (My friends know us so well...Lou got us a voucher for afternoon tea which we loved also!)

The cafe at Charles Fort.

A coffee with a view.

The beautiful view from Charles Fort.
Before we knew it it was time for my best friends wedding. Jason was a bit worried that seeing her beautiful wedding I'd regret my decision to cancel ours but luckily for both of us we were still happy with our decision, it was right for us. But Louise and Garys day was so wonderful and I was so honoured to play a role in the wedding. Their reception had the most beautiful hand crafted decorations everywhere that Louise had handcrafted herself! It was a perfect day, I don't think anyone stopped smiling once throughout the day. Everyone had so much fun and we all danced well in to the night! She looked so amazing in her wedding dress that her nan made especially for her. I can't express how much I enjoyed their day!

She looked so beautiful in a dress that her grandmother made especially for her!
Photo by Derek Hines.

Myself, Lou and her two sisters, Elaine and Jess.
Photo by Derek Hines.

The wedding party.
Photo by Derek Hines.

The beautiful dining area.
Photo by Derek Hines.

Some of the wonderful DIY projects that Lou did for her big day.
Photo by Derek Hines.

The remainder of our time in Ireland was really just spent buying some final things and preparing to leave again.

I always have the best time in Ireland but it also breaks my heart to leave again, especially this time around as we have no idea when the next time we'll get to visit will be. But alas that is the life that I have chosen to lead.

Our final drinks at the airport.
Here are some more photos from our time in Ireland:

Ian trying to capture the perfect photo at Gouganebarra.
The "bros" reunited.

My handsome husband!

The beautiful forest of Gouganebarra.
The view from the restaurant where we got married.

Jason enjoying a drink in one of the many nice pubs that we visited.

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