Friday, 8 March 2013

Our first day

February 28, 2013

So today was the big day. The day we’ve been planning for such a long time, neither of us can believe that it has finally come! Right now we’re on the flight from Seoul to KL. Then we have another flight from KL to Langkawi.

But to even get this far we had to go through a couple of high-pressure days of clearing out our apartments, going to goodbye dinners and meeting up with friends. Yesterday was very stressful. We had a train booked from Busan to Seoul for 11:30p.m and we managed to finish moving everything by 9:30p.m (just in time!)

The train was surprisingly ok, a sweet little toddler got on and we instantly became best friends so I was playing with her at about 2a.m. She was so fascinated by Jason, he was wearing his eye mask and sleeping and all she could do was stare and point at him. Once my little friend left I managed to get a little sleep and we arrived into Seoul station at 4:30a.m. It had been quite hot on the train so Jason took off his socks. A lovely Korean man started chatting to us and had just returned from travelling around Asia for 9 months. He was so nice and when he noticed that Jason didn’t have any socks on he went into his own luggage and gave Jason a pair of his own socks. This right here is Korea! You could be having the most frustrating day and then something like this happens, and it happens a lot more than you can imagine! Even though Jason had his own socks it is considered impolite to refuse so he took the socks graciously.

We haven’t really booked much for our travels, in fact we don’t have any accommodation booked for tonight or our ferry booked for tomorrow (which we are now regretting). But we did book a weeks accommodation on the Thai island of Koh Lipe which we will hopefully go to tomorrow. We just wanted to relax on a really nice beach for a while…Well imagine our disappointment when we checked the weather earlier and found out that it is supposed to rain for about 5 of those 7 days, including tomorrow, the day we are supposed to get the ferry there. We are hoping that it won’t be raining for the whole time and that the sun will come out at some stage (praying really) and that we manage to get on to the island at all!
We’ll keep you updated J 

                                                                Us on the plane

                                                The lovely Dasher helping me pack :)

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