Thursday, 21 February 2013

Our expectations...

So for this blog entry I’m going to be getting a bit of help from Jason (yes he really does exist!)
We have a week left until we begin our much anticipated travels so we have decided to make a list of things that both of us are looking forward to the most. Then, when all is said and done we can make another list of what our favourite things turned out to be.
I thought this would be an interesting way for us to look back on and see what lived up to the expectations and what just came from nowhere and blew us away!

I guess before we start I should tell you where we are going. We are going to Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Northern India and Sri Lanka. (although our plans are constantly changing so who knows where we'll end up actually going to)

First question, What country are you most excited to visit and why?

J: Nepal. I’m intrigued by the prospect of meeting tibetian refugees and I’m excited to hike in the himilayas.

G: You stole my country, I would say Nepal too, because the people, the country and the scenery all seem out of this world. I’m also excited to complete a personal challenge of hiking over a 14 day period. I have never hiked longer than 2 days and that nearly killed me, so this should be interesting!

                                  A village in the Himalayas in Nepal

What country are you most apprehensive about visiting?
J: (instantly) India. why? The filth, the pushing, the leering at my girlfriend, the possible thieves and not being able to go to the bathroom in private. Oh and the heat.

G: Once again my answer is the same as Jasons. I’m nervous about India because of the extreme poverty that we will more than likely encounter. I have been to some poor countries but none quite like india! I’m also worried about the food, I love indian food…just a very mild version of indian food.


What man made structure are you most excited about seeing and why?

J: The Taj Mahal, because of the sheer grandure of it and the story behind it.
G: I would say the temples of Angkor because they really are works of art, but since I’ve already seen them I would have to say the golden temple in Amritsar. It looks so beautiful in every photo I’ve ever seen of it. It is also a very spiritual place for many Indians and any person, religious or not, can spend the night there and eat meals there in exchange for a small donation of their choosing.

What animal are you interested in seeing the most while travelling?

J: its gotta be tigers in india. Because I’ve never seen a tiger in the wild and I just think it would be breath-taking.

G: I have been researching recently about Sri-Lanka and I found a place where every evening hundreds of wild elephants congregate around a big watering hole (or a lake, I can't remember) and I think that this would be just an awe inspiring experience to see all of those elephants free and wild.

 What recreational activity are you most excited about and why?

J: I would have to say the safari in the Corbett national park in india. Because it would be a truly primal experience 
(this is where we will hopefully have a chance to see tigers in the wild)

G: I’m excited about doing some kayaking in Thailand or Cambodia. But also super excited about doing the trek in the himalayas and just seeing the beautiful snow-covered peaks.

What city/town are you looking forward to visiting?

J: I would say Leh (in india) because it’s real high up in the mountains and it just looks really peaceful and beautiful

                                    The beautiful town of Leh

G: I’m actually looking forward to seeing Varanasi (in India). This will be our first experience of India as we will be entering overland from Nepal so I’m sure it will be a shock to the senses. But I’m really interested in seeing the Ganges and all of the excitement that goes along with the world reknown river and city.

                                  Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world.

What country’s beaches are you most eager to visit?

J: I have to say Sri-Lanka because all of the beaches look so beautiful…from what ive seen on google images and we all know that google images are 100% accurate! haha

                One of the images that came up when I typed Sri Lanka into google. haha

G: I’m really looking forward to Koh Lipe in Thailand. This is going to be our first destination and after a stressful couple of months I’m so excited to just laze on the beach and drink some cheap mojitos.

                         The walkway to the bungalow that we've booked in Koh Lipe

What are you least looking forward to about travelling?
J:  The actual travelling, trains, buses, planes etc… and people trying to rip you off often.

G: The last time that I went travelling I had no expensive items. This time around we are going with laptos, cameras, kindles etc. I’m really dreading my need to try to keep all of these items safe all of the time.And of course I'm dreading having to spend 4 months without my wonderful puppy Willy! I question myself every day wondering if I'm doing the right thing leaving him. But I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that we couldn't have found someone better to take care of him and give him love! I actually trust his sitter more than I trust myself!

              I love this little monster!

So there it is.
All of our expectations about travelling. I'm excited to redo this when all is said and done and see what places lived up to our expectations and what places stole our hearts without us knowing it would ever happen.

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