Monday, 17 March 2014

The second half of 2013 in review.

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this blog, actually I have two posts ready and waiting to go but photos need to be added and unfortunately both of my external hard drives have crashed so I need to steal the photos from Jason (and find a better way to store our stuff!)

Anyway, I realize that the last 6 months I've been busy blogging about our travels that I have failed to mention anything about our lives since our travels. Well that ends now…

I arrived back from India way back in June (I can't believe how long ago it was) Myself and Willy were going to be homeless for a month but luckily a wonderful American girl that had never even met us agreed to let us stay with her. The best thing about that time is that I now have a new person to call a friend!

Jason came back from America in August and we moved in to our new apartment together. This was going to be our first time living together so we were both a bit nervous but it's been way better than either of us ever expected. Of course we have some arguments about who's turn it is to do the dishes and who left the banana peels on the counter. But its been amazing living together. Willy has just been thriving since we've been back and has loved having all three of us living together. We also got to do a little visa trip over to Fukukoa in Japan for a couple of days and that was great fun…we found out just how amazing Japanese photo booths can be!

Unfortunately the rest of August and all of September were what I like to call the "dark days". We had spent all of our money on our travels and we thought we had enough savings to tie us over until our first pay checks but we didn't. Add to that the fact that it was the hottest summer in Korea and we had no air-con. It meant that we were pretty miserable! But things soon got better once we had money coming in again!

Also when I got back I noticed that Willy wasn't able to walk as long as before and it seemed like he was in pain after about 10 minutes of walking. Once we had money again we brought him to a specialist surgeon in Busan and found out that our poor pup was in a considerable amount of pain when he walked because his joints had become severely arthritic. After talking with the surgeon we realised that the best thing to do was to give Willy a surgery which would remove his joints and straighten his legs. This would mean that he would no longer be in pain and could still run around.

He just had his second surgery last week and so far things seem to have gone well. One of his legs has swollen and we have to try to keep him off his feet as much as possible. Here's hoping that everything is successful and our pup will be hiking up the mountains again in no time.

Christmas then came upon us and I have to admit that I have always hated Christmas in Korea. But this year was an exception because Jason proposed to me on that day and we had the most wonderful day celebrating, getting drunk, chatting to friends around the world and eating a delicious leg of lamb. That was definitely one Christmas that I won't forget!

After Christmas we got to go to Ireland for a couple of weeks as my sister had won a return flight from Korea to Ireland for me in a competition. This was the best surprise in the world as because Willys surgery would be costing us a lot of money we had decided that it would be best to skip Ireland, but now that the flight was free I was able to go!

But more on our trip to Ireland in a future post. Now back to our travels in my next blog post which is about our time in Pushkar in India!

Happy new year everyone and I promise I'll be a better blogger now that normalcy has returned.

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