Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Our story so far...

So here it is, our first ever blog!
We decided to write this blog because over the last 3 years we have been to some awe-inspiring places and done incredible things, but although we have documented it with photos (...and lots of them) we have never really written about our experiences.
We are about to embark on a new life in March and thought it would be great for both our families and friends to share not only our photos but also the stories that go along with those photos. We are also doing this for us, so that we have something to remind us of the great times :) We have just under 6 months left, still enough time to have plenty more adventures here in Korea.
This is Grainne writing right now and I just wanted our first blog to explain a little about our lives, past, current and future.  

Soon we will be leaving Korea, which will have been our wonderful home for about 3 years. I have so many mixed feelings about this significant change in our lives, excited for what lies ahead, sad for what we leave behind, both all of the places, people and things that remind me of us meeting and the beginning of our relationship here and of course Willy the wonderful dog that we have been fostering, not to mention the great friends we have made along the way.

What a great ride it has been, there have been tough times, lonely times, exciting times, frustrating times, happy times, sad times and exhillirating times but no matter what having somebody that loves you standing at your side throughout it all makes life in Korea much easier. This weekend we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary and what a great 2 years it has been. I don't know how or where we will be celebrating it as Jason is keeping tightlipped about it but I have no doubt that it will be a great weekend!

Right now, I'm trying to keep myself busy with planning and organising our travels after Korea. I know that if I don't keep busy I will be a whimpering mess as the day is slowly approaching when I have to say goodbye forever to my sweet little Willy. He has been my life for the last 7 months, he has dictated how I live my life, where I go, what I do and who I see. But I've never been happier just looking into his little face and knowing that we've helped him, if only by making him a more adoptable dog. Of course he has helped me too, by forcing me to learn what responsibility is and showing me that I can do something if I put my mind to it, no matter how hard it may seem (It was a very hard first 3 months!) I don't know how I'll be able to say goodbye, I wish with all of my heart that we could keep him, but both myself and Jason have discussed this possibility a million times and cannot think of a way that would be fair to him or us. But saying that, we have hopefully found him his forever home and know that whatever happens he will always be loved and well looked after.

Anyway, enough of Debbie Downer (a nickname I have picked up here in Korea for my tendencey to find a way to bring even the most upbeat conversation down with a sad story or 2) We have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks, we will be going to Namhae on a day trip with all of the foreigners in Gimhae Public schools (no school for a day!!) and during Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) Myself and Jason have a trip to Japan planned. All of which we will keep you updated with.

I hope you enjoyed this first blog and I look forward to writing many more (with Jason) I promise we'll put more photo's into the next entry. :)

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  1. Love it hun x Well done, Lets hope it goes further then our sizezero blog did :)! Cant wait to read more, love and miss you xx